e-Learning for everyone

Engaging – Secure – Effective

Role specific

Our specialized modules for different tyes of road users and drivers ensure focussed learning and long term habit building.

Interactive & gamified

The innovative training design captures learner interest to deliver enhanced learning and retention of key messages.

Crisp, concise & comprehensive

Delivering the key message in an efficient and easy to understand manner is at the core of our instructional design.


Multiple languages

Language should not be a barrier to sensitization and we ensure that your employees learn in the language they undestand.

Self paced learning

No need to attend a trainign in one go. Learn in EMIs – Easily Managable Installments. Now learning will follow your time-table.

Higly economical

Our e-learning modules are the easiest and the most economical way of getting all your employees traine.

Real time reporting & certification

Learners are assessed and certified digitallly. You can see the progress and download reports when ever you want.

Device independent

The courses will play beautifuly on all devices like phones, tablets and computers. No need to download any app or software.


ISO 27001 certified

We take security very seriously. We are an ISO 27001 cetified organization delivering serivces to global top tech companies.


GDPR compliant

Privacy is important and we understand that your data and information is yours. We will never misuse your data.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Your employees can log in securely using single sign on. No need to manage a seperate password.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

We will work hard to ensure that you get the desired results from your investment. Real people driving real results.

What our customers are saying


Never expected our employees to be so impressed by a compliance course. We have seen tangible reduction in the road accident cases after our employees have gone through the Invictus Road Safety online module. Very happy with the overall implementation of the module.


The agility shown by team Invictus was very good and the customization requested were quickly taken care by the them. The training itself was smooth and our employees were able to successfully able to complete it withut hassles on laptop, tablets and mobiles.


The module covers all the aspect of road safety including the responsible use of road, public, transport safety & defensive driving best practices in a very engaging way. The participants found it very easy to use and it required very little support on our end.

Engaging – Secure – Effective

Get role based e-learning for all your employees

Defensive Driving Training

Driving is the riskiest activity most of us engage in and road crashes have massive financial, reputational and legal implications for organizations. We can help you move beyond the low engagement – low impact defensive driving trainings and assist in establishing a more comprehensive approach towards road safety. Ensure that everyone in your office is on the same page when it comes to Road safety & Defensive Driving.


Know Safety – No Injury

Training Coverage


Buffering In For Other's Mistakes

Our certification workshops not only ensure compliance but also help build a culture that is truly inclusive.

Use Of PPE

Your employees will be equipped to handle workplace interactions over all mediums – physical & digital.

Handling Road Rage

Our trainers make sure to address the doubts and fears that your employees may have with respect to the law.

Law Of The Land

Our certification workshops not only ensure compliance but also help build a culture that is truly inclusive.

Absolute Safety Rules

Your employees will be equipped to handle workplace interactions over all mediums – physical & digital.

Safety In Different Conditions

Our trainers make sure to address the doubts and fears that your employees may have with respect to the law.

What our customers have to say about our training

We have been working together for past few months for Road Safety and Defensive driving training initiative at National Payments Cooperation of India.
We want to express our appreciation for the wonderful job done by Team lnvictus. Anuj & Ankur made this course very relevant to our needs and made it highly interesting. They are one of the best speaker we have ever had at NPCI wherein we have received very good response from our employees.
This has easily been the most interesting and informative training we have attended in a long time.


We appreciate team Invictus for the well organized awareness session on Road Safety. All of us learnt somme very important aspect about Safe Driving. The participant’s feedback was positive and we are certain that this program will go a long way to help them realize the responsibility of not only driving a vehicle but also using road in general.

Uflex Limited

Interactive – Interesting – Impactful

Defensive driving trainings that work!

Drive and Track Compliance

Road Safety Compliance Portal

  • E-Audit vehicles and documents
  • Track initiatives & get insights
  • Automate renewals and reminders

USER First Design

Intutive, Responsive & Realtime

The Road Safety Compliance and Governance Portal gives you true mobility and control for remote monitoring with extensive reporting capabilities. The single window interface is highly intutive and simple to use by all employees.

The platform has been developed keeping the user in mind and works well across laptops, tablets and phones. The users will get reminders for pending actions across their devices along with their managers getting notified if the deadline for any action is missed.

Minimizing gaps and lapses has never been this easy.

Monitor Everything, Anytime!

Compliance made easy!

Driver Risk Assessment

Baseline the driving behaviour of your employees using our innovative solutions and get an insight into the key risks facing them. Our driver risk assessment solution will help you understand what really works and what does not. You will be able to bring in an unprecedented level of transparency, accelerating your road safety initiatives like never before.

We have you covered

Driver Risk Assessment Portal

Insights at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. Get visibility into driver behaviour like never before.

Custom Reports

Focus on what’s important for your organization. No clutter, simple and tailored for you.

Actionable Insights

Get actionable OFIs enabling you to proactively fix problems and address risks before incidents happen.

Stay compliant

Don’t learn by Accident

Journey Risk Assessment & Audit

Improve safety quotient
of every journey.

Ensure a safer journey by getting the routes scientifically evaluated on various safety parameters that are relevant for you. Give your employees the best chance of avoiding any road risks.

Risk Identification

Impact Analysis

Mitigation Plan

Comprehensive Report

Safer journies for everyone

We are with you – every step of the way.

Driver Mangement Center

Establish Control
Ensure Compliance

We empower your team to prevent accidents, manage associated costs, and get drivers home safely every day through an integrated management platform. Invictus’ one-stop safety and compliancemanagement tool uses advanced technology to drive its comprehensive driver risk assessment, telematics data analyses, MVR monitoring, e-learning and more.